Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Twisted Chelsea Grin Show at the Granada

Written By: Staff Writer Mandy Thomas

Photo Credit: Mandy Thomas
              Being a lifelong resident of the Lawrence/Douglas County area I was unaware of the exceptional metal scene that the Granada had to offer until Sunday night when Chelsea Grin joined bands Skylar, Emmure and Attila for an evening of mosh pits, crowd surfing and a house full of metal fans that came from all walks of life to enjoy the show.

            Chelsea Grin kept the house rocking from the first note to the last echoes of the roof being blown off the classic venue by their set as fans joined in to sing along with the lyrics, bump their fists to the intense drumline and surf to the front of the crowd as the bassline worked in tandem with the wails from the guitar riffs to keep heads banging with each and every song the band played in their set.
Photo Credit: Mandy Thomas
           Based out of Salt Lake City and formed in 2007, Chelsea Grin seems to have carved out their own niche in the deathcore genre of metal and while their style does remind me of what one could expect if Slayer and A Perfect Circle had a metal love child, the similarities pale in comparison to the unique style this band offers by their stage presence alone.

            Despite the stereotypes metal bands and shows have, the crowd, venue, security and band worked incredibly well with one another to offer even the most novice or timid metal fan a positive experience in a safe atmosphere that offers a hospitable nature--even in the “pit” because from what I could see that if a man fell down, those around him were there to pull him back up. The band themselves seemed to be very interactive with the audience and showed their gratitude to those who came out by putting on an incredible show that left this smiling as big as a Chelsea Grin.  

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