Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Attila- The Chaos tour at the Granada

Written By Mikhael Sublett              

             Sunday night The Granada, in Lawrence, KS, rumbled as Attila shook the foundations with a raw and stellar performance in support of their newest album, Chaos. If you missed it, you should repent. It was a thrill ride from beginning to end. From the audience chanting “Suck my Fuck” to Chris Fronzak’s villain salute Attila delivered one of the best metal shows of the year, and it was right in KC’s back yard.

             To be honest, until a few days before the show, I had never heard of Attila. My time in the metal community included getting bruised in Cannibal Corpse circle pits and blowing out my voice slamming out Glen Benton lyrics. Though I kept up with the new acts, Attila seemed to slip right by me. When I saw their name on The Granada’s upcoming act list, and Chelsea Grin opening for them, I was intrigued. Chelsea is one of my metal music affairs, and I was curious to who this band was that had such a phenomenal, and thrash god group opening for them. I shot an email to the Granada and requested the opportunity to review the show. They approved. Buckle up, this is a hell of a ride!
"Protest this, Bitch!"
        We got to the venue just after Emmure left the stage. We instantly regretted missing the first two acts, but got a play by play from the fans taking a smoke break while the venue changed sets. One fan, after seeing my press credentials, immediately began telling me the metal community was alive and well in Northeast Kansas, and thanked me for coming out to cover the show. Each fan I spoke with was warm and welcoming to us and expressed their high points of the show so far, and how juiced they were to see Chelsea Grin and Attila. A few of them even mockingly scolded us for being late. My response was simple “Metal is habitually 30 minutes late” and grinned. They laughed and threw up horns. The community hasn’t changed. It is still just as inviting as it’s always been.
          We made our way into the venue and took a spot near the steps to the balcony. Chelsea Grin was coming on. My writer, Mandy Thomas, reviewed their set. You can check it out here. If you missed it, you missed a hell of a show. Chelsea Grin still puts on a flawless performance and their interaction with their fans is beyond awesome. So, while I enjoyed the show, Mandy was working. Sorry Mandy, but it was Chelsea fucking Grin! That’s ok though, I was there to review Attila.  Chelsea finished their set and left the stage. As the roadies were setting up for Attila, Mandy and I took a better spot, closer to the stage. I wanted the whole concert experience, and I got it.
Photo Credit: Mandy Thomas
           The lights dropped and left us in complete darkness. The audience started chanting “Suck my Fuck” as if in a séance to summon the group. The PA speakers blared reports of the notorious acts of front man Chris Fronzack, boasting each incident as a life accomplishment and badge of honor. The lights came up, and the band came on stage with an explosion of profanity laden lyrics and instantly addictive riffs. Fronzacks energy and stage presence was synergistic with his audience. The fans sang, moved, and screamed with the members of Attila throughout the show.  At one point Fronzack addressed the audience stating, “There are no rules at an Attila concert! I want to see a circle pit in the middle of the crowd. I want to see crowd surfing. I want to get all of you to the front!”  The crowd was all too happy to comply.  
Metal Voice
           The high point of the show came when Attila’s front man invited two fans on the stage to sing with Attila. He called it “A metal version of The Voice”. The two audience members, both clad in red Attila tank tops, were given mics and were told to vocally try out. The band played some riffs and each ‘contestant’ KILLED it. Fronzack said both fans were talented and he could not bring himself to send one of them back. The three of them belted out ‘Payback’. It was a hell of performance, and he made the month of two fans.
         This was, by far, one of the best metal shows I’ve been to in years. The fans and venue were incredibly inviting and accepting. I was happy to see pit etiquette still being practiced. If someone goes down, two pick them up. That is the metal community practice, in and out of the pit.

           If you missed this show, do yourself a favor and go see them when you get a chance. Attila’s live show is an experience you do not want to miss. Also, do yourself another favor and check out their album, Chaos. You will not regret it.





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