Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Metal Heads and Social Justice Warriors clash over Troglodyte show at the Granada

Written by: Mikhael Sublett

       Last Saturday, Troglodyte, a Bigfoot inspired death metal band,  performed at the Granada theater, in Lawrence, Ks in support of the Hammerween VII show.  When Troglodyte started their set, a mock protester came on the stage holding a sign that read "Bigfoot Lives Matter" ,(which was also written on the bands bass drum) and was promptly thrown off the stage by the band, The audience seemed to enjoy the spectacle and the band continued with their set. That is when the issues started.

from facebook

 The Facebook Group "I Heart Local Music" , a Lawrence media source that covers local acts in the city, posted a statement condemning Troglodyte claiming the band was mocking the Lawrence chapter of Black Lives Matter. The page went on to say they will not be covering Troglodyte due to the skit. The post got mixed reactions ranging from full support of their condemnation of the band to metal fans criticizing the ethics of the admin of the site, for being unable to remain impartial.


Granada apology from FB

         The next day, the Granada issued this apology to the fans and to the Black Lives Matter chapter for the incident. Social media exploded with comments condemning the venue for apologizing for the band and even accused the venue of censoring artists for the sake of politically correct behavior. Massev caught up with the Granada to discuss the apology and the backlash the event created on social media. 

       A spokesperson from the Granada stated she issued the apology statement to reinfirce their letter of solidarity to BLM issued earlier. She stated she had no idea the comments between the supporters of BLM and the fans of the band would have gotten so hostile. She said she knew the members of Troglodyte and they are not anti-BLM, that the opposite is true. She stated it is not the intention to censor any act that the Granada hosts but want to make sure each act respects the stance they hold. Concerning the comments, She said she wished she could have turned the comments off after the post.

We did reach out to Troglodyte for a statement, but as of the time of this writing we haven't gotten a response.

When we contacted the Lawrence BLM chapter coordinator Caleb Stephens and asked if he had a comment he said "Nope. The Granada and I Heart Local Music did a good job and actively communicated with us." 

Click Here for  a video of the Troglodyte show. the incident in question is in the first minute or two of the recording. 

Editors note: It is illegal to kill a Bigfoot in California. 

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