Friday, August 5, 2016

KCXW-Kansas City Xtreme Wrestling!

 Written by:Mikhael Sublett

KCXW Pro Wrestling

    Kansas City wrestling fans! There is a new sheriff in town. His name is Jordan Smiley, President of Kansas City Xtreme Wrestling.  July 30th KCXW hosted a double elimination event at Pearson Community Center in KCK. Two separate events, two cards, 14 matches.

     The organization does not use belts to signify a champion. Rather, they use a point system. Each event is worth a determined number, and the competition is between teams rather than individual wrestlers. For instance. When 'The Kingpin" Angel Medina faced off against Kyle King, and won, he didn't just take the point for himself, but for his team. It is a new, and fresh system to determine a champion, and sets the org apart from all other pro wrestling federations.

Captian Shabam
Jason Savior and JC Thunder
  The wrestlers are all incredibly charismatic and sell their personas well. Captian Shabam, dressed in a yellow and black costume taking on the persona of a super hero, instantly winning the hearts and imaginations of the audience. His small stature has one believing in his alter ego as every match is a David vs Goliath bout. Jason Savior, a persona trapped between "Hero" and "Heel", states he is a devout christian in the ring, claims to refuse to cheat, yet always finds that short cut. His match against JC Thunder, in the second event, is a great example. When the referee tells both men there will be no cheating in their match, and manages to break up cheating several times in the same match, the wrestlers turn on the ref. They simultaneously kick him in the balls and leave the ring. That match brought a lot of laughs and entertainment to the evening.

         We also got to see Curtis Wylde put through a table by Curt Gannon and Leo D, of  the Stranglers, from the top rope at the end of the Tag Team Table Match. The audience seemed to love that turn out. There is something special about watching a wrestler get slammed through a table, It is almost as classic as the folding chair.

David Cattin
President Jordan Smiley
          Heels are every bit as important in Pro Wrestling as the Hero. In some cases, I would say they are more important. David "Smooth as Satin" Cattin is a prime example of this idea. He is the wrestler everybody loves to hate. A cross between Chris Jericho and Cobra Commander, and cool simply because his mom says he is, takes the heel to a whole new level. His arch nemesis is not another wrestler. That would be too easy for Cattin. His nemesis is his boss, Org President Jordan Smiley, who flirts with the Heel persona himself. Cattin, the self professed "leader of the pack' is put in a lumberjack tag match by Smiley himself. Smiley also orders the other wrestlers to stand around the ring to keep Cattin from running. The match ended with Cattin losing, and "The Pack" eliminated. Cattin leaves the ring saying he needs to "think about this". Those words left the crowd wondering what Cattin was going to do next, knowing full well that he would not take that loss lightly.


 Then there's the folding chair. The most beloved of any wrestling character. We all love to see it. We all love the metallic thud it makes when someone is hit by it. It is the superstar of all foreign objects. It made several appearances between the two events.


        As the evening continued I found myself impressed by this organization of professional wrestlers. Their moves were fluid and believable. They stayed in a constant state of audience participation, with fights leaving the ring and landing on the floor, or wrestlers answering the hecklers from the ring itself. When the event was over, the wrestlers interacted with the fans. The ego was left at the door. They knew they did this for the people in the seats, chanting or cursing their names.They knew they brought the two hours of magic to the wrestling fans. They were happy and honored to do it.

     KCXW has several events planned throughout the year. The next one will be Sunday Night Takeover II on August 14th at 6:00 pm at the Alamo Drafthouse Takeover III is slotted for September 18, 6:00 pm, also at Alamo Drafthouse. You can learn more about the org from their website by clicking here





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