Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Vigil and Thieves

    Written by: Mikhael Sublett

      The live experience of this four piece indie/alternative/punk band from Kansas City is something not to be missed. I caught their show during my coverage of KC Pride 2016 and got a video interview. But, before we get into that, let me tell you about the show itself.

      When they came on for their set, I was actually taking a break by the river, a couple hundred yards from the stage. Covering Pride, minus my PA, was tiring to say the least. However, they got my attention. So, I scarfed down my 'festival good' burnt end sandwich and headed over to check them out. 

      As I made my way to the stage, I first noticed the audience reaction to the band. All eyes were on them. The audience moved to the rhythm of the music and singing  along with vocalist Sarah Storm. I made my way past the audience, and around the barricade to the front of the stage. As Sarah sang and gazed out into the audience, it was as if she was making eye contact with every patron, serenading them with her gritty and honest lyrics. Matt Muckenthalers moved around the stage living his rhythm, eyes closed, lost in the music. Steph Castor, the guitarist played, mostly stationary, with an intensity and precision that manifested in her music.  Andrew Flaherty's unique beats seemed to be the driving force on all the songs on their set. His unusual approach was playing his beats to the lyrics. The band doesn’t interact much on stage, but it works. It was a stripped down, daytime, festival show with no special effects but they captured the crowd and had them fully participating in their show.  

     At one point, between songs, the KC Pride Crowd responded with enthusiastic cheers when singer Sarah Storm announced that she and Guitarist Steph Castor were girlfriends.

     Once home, I had a chance to listen to their recordings. The production quality of their recordings did not bring forth the intensity of their live performance, and that makes sense once you understand the album was self -produced in a living room. I would encourage the audience to see them live to get to truly experience all this band has to offer.

     When the show was over I approached them for an interview. Though they were leaving for a regional tour, promoting their debut, self produced album, Neverland, they took the time to talk to me. The interview is raw footage, simply because I want you guys to have the same experience I had. Check it out below:

 Vigil and Thieves will be playing the KC CaresPulse Victims benefit at Missie B's Saturday, June 25 at 7pm, followed by another show at Californos. Don't miss them!

Their album can be found here. Support your local artists. 

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